Welcome to my web site. I am a knifemaker from the Czech republic living in Prague dedicated to making custom knives aswell as my own originaly designed pieces.

My first amateur steps at knife making started quite late when I was an adult enthusiast. The first pieces were created in 2011 in cooperation and under the skilled guidance of my blacksmith friend Ondřej Piskáček. During several years as his apprentice I learned the basics of blacksmithing, restoring and later primarily oriented towards the production of historical re-enactement weapons and accessories. At that time I was involved in historical re-enactement as a hobby. During the year 2014 I eventually started on a  seperate path and at the end of the same year I started producing custom knives under my own brand – Pelikan knives.

Presently I only produce knives with a fixed blade (no folders), but I am ever aspiring to further advance my imagination and creative possibilities.